This year, two British royal weddings made the newly-married Zara Philips and Kate Middleton become the focus of the whole fashion world.

Zara Phillips, the eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, got married to England's rugby team captain Mike Tindall at Edinburgh's Canongate Kirk on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland on July 30.

And, earlier on April 29, Prince William and Kate's grand, high-profile wedding ceremony drew international attention. Kate also became an icon, influencing the fashion trend. Everything about her became the hot topic in the media.

Princess Zara is also crazy about fashion - she even designed her own range of equestrian clothing for Musto Outdoor Clothing, which was officially launched in July 2010.

Between two British Princesses, who do you think is more beautiful? Who has keener sense of fashion? Start the slideshow to find out.

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