Is Kylie Jenner the next Perrie Edwards in Zayn Malik's life? The former One Direction hottie first liked Jenner's racy picture on Twitter and then was spotted attending her 18th birthday bash in Los Angeles.

Pictures of Malik dressed in light blue denim jeans and a smart, blue military print jacket are splashed in various publications, including People magazine, as the singer arrived for the star-studded birthday bash. Jenner's birthday party took place at Hollywood' Bootsy Bellows Sunday night. "Zayn arrived around midnight with an entourage just so he could say hi to Kylie and wish her a happy birthday in person," a source told People magazine.

He also was spotted spending time with Jenner's older sister, Kendall Jenner. “A ton of girls were trying to get Zayn’s attention, but he just seemed interested in Kendall,” a source told Hollywood Life. “She was smiling and didn’t seem to mind Zayn giving her so much attention!”  Malik “went straight” to Kendall Jenner's table as he entered the venue and did not give attention to anyone else.

“He had one goal and that was to get to her table. He hung out with her for awhile then left the club shortly thereafter," the source said. Malik's association with Kendall Jenner is not new since she dated former Malik bandmate Harry Styles. It looks like Malik had a good time at the birthday party. “Been an amazing day today! Love LA, love the weather, love all of you life is good :),” he later tweeted.

In other news, Edwards' ex-girlfriend's group Little Mix dissed Malik during their promotional tour for their upcoming album and single "Black Magic" in Arizona. E! Online reported a fan posted a photograph of band member Jade Thirlwall holding a placard reading, "Zayn is irrelevant, anyway!"