The past month has been a rough one for lovelorn teen pop stars on both sides of the Atlantic: just weeks after Justin Bieber and his longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez split, allegedly after Justin cheated with a nursing school student, tabloids are reporting that there is trouble in paradise for One Direction heartthrob Zayn Malik and his girlfriend and British singer Perrie Edwards.

According to the British tabloid the  Sun, an Australian waitress named Courtney "CJ" Webb is alleging that she spent a wild night with Zayn, after meeting him through a mutual friend, and only realized that he had a girlfriend the next day when she discovered women’s clothing and makeup in the singer’s bedroom.

"He's an absolute s---,” Webb told the publication, referring to the 20-year-old singer. “How dare he -- not only to me but to Perrie?”

Webb, 21, claimed that Zayn told her he was single before they slept together. But the next day, when she found a pair of fake eyelashes on his rug and confronted Zayn, he admitted to having a girlfriend, allegedly telling Webb, “Don’t worry about her, she’s on tour.”

In a fit of rage after uncovering the lie, Web allegedly photographed Zayn sleeping beside her in bed, and later sold the photos to The Sun.

"I'm not a One Direction fan. I don't follow what they are up to. So when it clicked that he had a girlfriend I got more and more angry,” Webb said. "I definitely don't think it's the first time he's done this. I feel sorry for Perrie - she doesn't know this is going on. It's wrong and has to stop."

Perrie and Zayn, who met on the set of “The X Factor” in 2011, have been dating for approximately a year. Perrie, 19, is a member of the British all-female group “Little Mix,” and has often spoken about her strong trust in Zayn. But that trust may now be on the rocks after Webb’s cheating allegations.

The celebrity gossip site HeatWorld reported that Zayn quickly jumped on a plane back from the French music awards to the UK after the cheating reports surfaced, to meet up with Perrie in a “showdown.” However, The Sun reported that sources close to Perrie said the couple was unlikely to split.

"Perrie's still deeply in love with Zayn. She's very unlikely to end the relationship after this episode. The fact that they are physically together speaks volumes. It looks like she's willing to give him a second chance," a source told The Sun.

"Her friends and band mates know she's head-over-heels in love with him. But she'll certainly be keeping a closer eye on him after this incident."

In the meantime, One Direction fans have been taking to Twitter to harass Webb for her forthcoming disclosure to the UK publication, some even sending her death threats.

“Courtney Webb is an attention seeker who knew exactly what she was doing, as if she didnt know about Perrie, omg,” Twitter user @_LouiseClarke wrote on Monday.


“Courtney Webb you are so dead.....if i see you face to face i will kill are so ugly..what can zayn find on you?Stupid girl...idiot,” @ArseniaPayne1D tweeted.