The Zerg Rush Google Easter egg game is a fun tweak to the site that demonstrates the popular search engine's lighter side.

Based on a dominating strategy sometimes used in the computer game Starcraft, the Zerg Rush Google easter egg game takes over your screen with colorful attacking O's.

Simply type the search term Zerg Rush into Google's search bar, and the Easter egg game will kick in. All will seem well at first, but then colored circles start falling from the sky, and attacking the search results, eliminating each line of search by wearing down their defenses as the O's make their way to the bottom of the screen.

But you have the chance to protect your screen from the attacking zerglings. Simply click on them to shoot them, and after three shots they will disappear, no longer threatening your prescious search results. If you're having trouble getting them all, zoom out so you can see the ones approaching from the outskirts of your screen.

All of the action is tallied in a box at the top right of the screen, and you will be unable to click any of the links that come up to stories. If you fail to stop the zerg rush, all the O's will come together to form the letters GG in the middle of the screen. Click clear at any point during the whole display and you'll finally be able to see and access your search results.

So have a go at it, and either go to yourself and type Zerg Rush into the search bar, or click on this link to play the Zerg Rush Google easter egg immediately.

You'll be sure to have fun, as Reddit has voted a link to the game onto its front page, where commenters seem to be loving it. For instance Reddit user SarcasticViper, who called the Zerg Rush Google Easter egg game another reason to love google.