Is the Chevy Cruze, a compact car with more cargo space, best-in-class 10 standard air bags, the ultimate vehicle to survive a zombie apocalypse? The 2012 all-new Chevy Cruze has released a new ad showing their car being able to withstand a swarm of decomposing zombies.

Chevy's new two minute ad depicts a TV reporter interviewing zombies in a post-apocalyptic exclusive. I'd like to know about you, and you as a group of undead Americans, says the reporter to one of the undead. For example, what are your turn offs? What eats at you? What gets under your skin?

The zombie lists things that annoy them: mannequins, flossing, and most importantly the Chevy Cruze.

Why is the Chevy Cruze the thing a zombie despises most? It's not a hard concept to wrap your flesh around.

Starts with the way it handles, the zombie moans to the reporter about the car. That thing literally runs circles around us.

Even worse than the car being too quick for them to sink their teeth into it, when they finally can get a bloody grip, the car has high-strength safety cage construction and crush resistant roof. With such a strong car, it's almost impossible for a zombie to get access to the juicy brains inside.

What seems to really grind their limbs though is the fact that the car gets 42 mpg. It hardly ever stops for gas! moaned the zombie. No stopping for gas means less zombie gas attendants munching on flesh.

The only thing that a Chevy Cruze owner would need in the case of a zombie apocalypse would be a zombie proof house to drive to.