Blood, guts, brains and fitness? A new iPhone app, Zombies, RUN! is using zombies as motivation for runners.

Zombies, RUN! is being released for iPhone and iPod touch on Feb. 27, with an Android version coming this May. App users will become Runner 5. The goal of this new iPhone app? Run for your life.

According to Time, the app is all audio. The Zombies, RUN! app allows you to listen to your own custom playlist, while the story unfolds between tracks. When running, the app user will be told clues, commands, and stories. According to the Zombies, RUN! website, you, as Runner 5, have hundreds of lives depending on you. As you run, you will be picking up zombie survival supplies, as well as gaining clues about the truth of the zombie apocalypse. Every time you run, the zombie story will unfold even more.

Users of the app don't need to be at a certain speed to use the app. The website encourages people to get active, whether it be jogging on the beach, or walking on a trail. Distance, time, pace, and calories burned are all recorded while using the app.

Naomi Alderman, creator of the app, said that she came up with the idea because she used to imagine herself in action movies while she ran on the treadmill. Alderman, a novice runner, understands that the joy in running is getting into the zone. We've been thinking really hard about how to tell a story which is exciting and enhances your run rather than annoy you, Alderman wrote on her blog.

Currently, iPhone and iPod Touch (iOS 5) users can preorder Season 1 of the app for $12.