The college student who tried to eat a man’s face in Florida, will be charged with murder when he gets out of the hospital, local news is reporting.

A Martin County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman announced the decision Friday,  less than a week after the Monday attack in which Austin Harrouff killed a couple and attacked a third man who came to try and stop the violence. While initial blood tests came in negative for street drugs like marijuana and cocaine, another sample has been sent to the FBI to determine if Harrouff was high on the street drug flakka, also known as bath salts.

Harrouff’s specific charges are as follows: first degree murder for the death of Michelle Mischon Stevens and her husband John Stevens, attempted first-degree murder for the attack on Jeffrey Fisher, armed burglary and resisting an officer without violence.

The 19-year-old Florida State University student, who was reportedly in Martin County visiting his parents, stabbed the couple in their garage. He had just left a restaurant where he had an argument with his father. When police later arrived, they saw Harrouff on top of Stevens, biting off pieces of his face and were unable to subdue him initially with a Taser. More sheriff deputies were called to the scene with a police dog and were eventually able to bring the 19-year-old into submission.

Fisher was released from prison Thursday.

A video of Harrouff before the attack was later found by the media. In it, he was talking about bodybuilding and a decision he said he made not to do drugs or steroids.

“I know what's right for me. I don't need drugs," he said in the video. "I know that they can change me, but the thing is, that's not being healthy, you know? Being healthy is what's natural, you know, what comes natural to you. You think steroids are natural? Who knows, you know? Who knows? You think steroids would be beneficial? Who knows? But for me I know that I don't know, but I think that steroids really aren't for me, honestly."

A memorial for the dead couple will be held Friday afternoon.