After Miami's 101-93 OT win last game, the Heat have wrestled control of the series by taking a 3-1 lead before heading back to Chicago. Derrick Rose missed a potential game winning shot as time expired in regular time.

Even though it's a huge hole, the series still isn't over. Multiple teams have come back to win after being down 3-1, and many of those teams went on to win the title that year. It would be a hard fight, but it is possible, especially if the Bulls can make these ten adjustments.

Ten Things Can Be Done for Bulls to Beat the Heat:

1) Play Kyle Korver Earlier

2) Give Derrick Rose a Break at the Beginning of the Fourth

3) Switch LeBron James off of Rose

4) Continue to Play Ronnie Brewer

5) Move the Ball

6) Use the Fast Break

7) Stop Rose from Going Iso on LeBron

8) Don't Give the Refs Chances


10) Play the Bench Mob More

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