His untimely death at 25 years old didn’t hinder Tupac Shakur from becoming one of the most iconic figures in hip hop and street culture. This June 16, we celebrate what should have been his 50th birthday. A great actor and rapper, it's easy to see why he continues to be loved by many. 

Aside from his talent, Tupac's fashion style was also highly talked about and continues to be copied. As younger generations are obsessed with street culture and look for fashion inspiration from the 90s, Tupac’s style and fashion choices continue to be sought after. Celebrate Tupac's  birthday in style with these fashion pieces.

1. Black Tone-On-Tone Two-Button Suit

Tupac Shakur and Marion Suge Knight Tupac Shakur and Marion Suge Knight Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

From streetwear to formal wear, there's no denying that Tupac carried his clothes well. He looks very dapper in a suit and while he’s been photographed wearing suits in various occasions including the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards in his iconic Versace look, his classic look in a black suit, white button-up shirt and black choker shows off his take on formal dressing. 

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2. Black Tuxedo with Shawl Lapel

Alain Dupetit Black Tuxedo with Shawl Lapel Alain Dupetit Black Tuxedo with Shawl Lapel Photo: alaindupeit.com

Another signature look that showcases Tupac’s dapper style is a black tuxedo. Apart from suits, he attended events and awards nights in a classic black tuxedo accessorized with his favorite bandana or fedora. 

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3. Gold Herringbone Chain

Tupac Shakur Tupac Shakur Photo: Barry King/WireImage

Tupac was a fashion icon known for his bling. He loved wearing gold chains as part of his  ensemble. He accessorized casual outfits with a thick gold chain or add a bit of dazzle to his suit  and tuxedo looks in events. 

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4. Gold Chain and Gold Cross Pendant

Rapper Tupac Shakur Rapper Tupac Shakur performs at the Mecca Arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in September 1994. Photo: Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Tupac constantly wore gold chains with large pendants. A style that he constantly wore was a thick gold cross, which was sometimes embellished with diamonds. He was wearing a gold chain with a gold cross pendant in the iconic photo of him angrily spitting at reporters and cameras as he was leaving the state Supreme Court in New York. But he’s also photographed numerous times wearing the same jewelry style in classier moments. 

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5. Relaxed Flannel Jacket

Abercrombie & Fitch Relaxed Heavy Weight Flanel Abercrombie & Fitch Relaxed Heavy Weight Flanel Photo: abercrombie.com

Even with his fame and the fashion options presented to him, Tupac's 90s fashion had a more authentic approach. He liked streetwear as an homage to his roots. He typically wears  oversized jackets made of leather, denim and flannel for his casual looks. 

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6. Oversized Classic Hoodie

Adidas Classics Oversized Sweatshirt Adidas Classics Oversized Sweatshirt Photo: adidas.com

Tupac was known for wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants for his casual look. They were  oversized, comfortable and stylish. 

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7. Graphic-Print Sweatshirt

Adidas Graphic Print Crew Sweatshirt Adidas Graphic-Print Crew Sweatshirt Photo: adidas.com

Tupac was known for wearing Adidas in the 90s and favored the classic Adidas Trefoil logo for his oversized tees. This graphic tee from Adidas is a tribute to the late 80s and early 90s street culture.

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8. Long Black Trench Coat

Ador Long Trench Coat Ador Long Trench Coat Photo: ador.com

Tupac loved wearing oversized jackets and coats for both casual and formal wear. He is constantly photographed wearing an oversized boxy trench coat that gave him full protection from outside  elements and the paparazzi. He paired it with his favorite headgear like bandanas, sports caps and beanies. 

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9. Deadstock M-65 Field Pants

Alpha Industries Deadstock M-65 Field Pants Alpha Industries Deadstock M-65 Field Pants Photo: alphaindustries.com

One of Tupac’s favorite streetwear style is his camouflage look. He was known to wear it from head to toe. He is at times photographed wearing camouflage pants as an essential piece of his casual ensemble. 

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10. Sports Snapback Cap

Fanatics Oakland Athletics Cap from New Era Fanatics Oakland Athletics Cap from New Era Photo: fanatics.com

Tupac loved headgear and was a huge sports fan, which was evident in the various caps and jerseys of his favorite teams that we wore. One of his iconic looks was the Athletics OG cap of the Oakland Athletic’s baseball team with the retro green and yellow motif. 

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11. Cashmere Beanie

John Elliot Cashmere Beanie John Elliot Cashmere Beanie Photo: johnelliot.com

Another look that Tupac rocked effortlessly was his beanie. He wore numerous styles, some even with the iconic “Thug Life” motto he had specially designed. In keeping up with his more sophisticated yet casual look, this classic black beanie works well. 

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12. Gold-Plated Chronograph Men’s Watch

Guess Gold-Plated Chronograph Watch Guess Horizons Gold-Plated Chronograph Watch Photo: watches2u.com

Tupac loved his collection of gold Rolex wristwatches, which later on were sold in auctions. He always had a gold Rolex on his wrist regardless what he was wearing. However, as we know that a gold Rolex is super expensive, here we have the next best thing minus the hefty price tag. 

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