Fourteen Pakistani prisoners detained by the U.S. were freed from Bagram Prison in Afghanistan and sent back to Pakistan, lawyers of some of the detainees said Saturday. Pakistani authorities haven’t provided names or information on the released prisoners, Justice Project Pakistan lawyer Sarah Belal told Reuters. The human rights law firm represents some of the Pakistanis detained at the prison.

Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesperson Tasnim Aslam confirmed the prisoners’ release with a simple “yes,” the Express Tribune reported. Further information was not provided. However, one of the released detainees was identified as Abdul Halim Saifullah, 29, according to Red Cross information obtained by Belal.

The Pentagon acknowledged the release was done in cooperation with Pakistani authorities.

“In making a decision to transfer a detainee, we take into account the totality of relevant factors relating to the individual and the government that may receive him, including but not limited to any diplomatic assurances that have been provided,” Pentagon spokesman Army Lt. Col. Myles Caggins told the Guardian. “In this case the U.S. government has worked closely with the government of Pakistan on the transfer.”

The 14 prisoners is the second group of Pakistanis released from the Bagram prison this month. Nine Pakistani prisoners were reported released last month.

Including the latest group of prisoners, 39 Pakistanis have been released from Bagram Prison in the past 10 months, Zee News reported. But the current number of Pakistani inmates left at the prison remains unclear since an official list hasn’t been provided since 2012.