As the civil war between the Syrian National Coalition rebels and President Bashar al-Assad's loyalists enters its third year, nearly 70,000 people have been killed. It's a conflict that continues amid accusations that chemical weapons have been used by each side. 

This series of photos taken by Reuters photojournalists depicts the Syrian civil war as seen through the eyes of its combatants, largely composed of Syrian National Coalition soldiers. 

On Monday, Reuters reported that both sides in the civil war have blamed each other for the use of chemical weapons in the northern Syrian city of Saraqueb that day. The U.S. and Britain have pushed for a full United Nations investigation of the chemical attack. 

The Syrian civil war grew out of the Arab Spring, a protest movement taking part across the entire Middle East in early 2011. Syrian opponents to al-Assad’s government began a series of protests against the president, and were met with armed resistance, which soon escalated into full-on fighting between both sides. Currently, the Syrian National Coalition, which battles against al-Assad’s government, is composed of the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian Islamic Liberation front.