A police officer hands a child to a caregiver near the scene of a shooting in Gatineau, Quebec April 5, 2013. Reuters/Blair Gable

Two men including a gunman were killed during a shooting at a day care center in Gatineau, Quebec, on Friday.

According to the BBC, 53 children were attending the Racines De Vie Montessori day care center at the time of the shooting and were not harmed, but some may have witnessed the incident. Gatineau police said they received a call about a man armed with a shotgun who had threatened people at about 10:27 a.m.

When police arrived at the scene at approximately 10:30 a.m. EDT, both men were dead after what police said appeared to be an altercation between them related to a recent breakup. Police have since identified one of the deceased men as Robert Charron but have not said whether or not Charron was the shooter. Police said that Charron was not a resident of Gatineau.

"We have two deceased," Gatineau Police Chief Mario Harel said. "One of the males is responsible for this shooting. The other male works at this day care center. Right now we're investigating [if] this was related to a recent separation between a couple."

The Racines De Vie Montessori day care center is located in two separate buildings, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Police said that the bodies of the two men were found in each of the buildings. Harel said that due to the close quarters of the small day care operation, it was likely that some of the children saw the shooting.

"It's a small area, it's a close space," Harel said. "For sure, there should have been witnesses (to) the event."

Police Sergeant Jean-Paul LeMay said that all of the children had been safely evacuated to a nearby house.