Imagine looking behind your microwave to find two pythons on top of each other, mating! That is exactly what happened to a woman from Buderim, Australia.

The unidentified lady was in the kitchen when she saw her microwave move a bit, and decided to investigate, UPI reported. When the terrified woman saw the carpet pythons mating, she promptly called the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers to have the reptiles removed.

The video of the incident was shared on the snake catchers' Facebook page.

The video has more than 2,800 comments, and has been shared more than 920 times. However, it wasn't clear when the incident took place.

According to the information shared on the page, the serviceman managed to get the pythons out into a bush outside the kitchen, without harming them. The employee, who handled the situation, was identified as McKenzie.

In the video, he is seen picking up both snakes up at once, while saying, "Two snakes, in a kitchen, just interrupted in coitus."

Carpet pythons are one of the most common species of the snake found in Australia.

After the mating season is over, a female python usually lays up to 15 eggs. Following that, the python goes into a 60-day incubation period, where she starves herself and coils up around the eggs, vibrating them to keep them warm. After the eggs hatch, the female immediately leaves to look for food.

Pythons are a menace in Southern Australia, which is home to innumerable varieties of reptiles.

A few days before, a video that went viral on the internet had shown a python swallowing an entire deer in seconds. Although the location of the incident was not clear, the python in the Instagram video was identified to be of the Burmese variety.

In other news, a 22-foot-long python had devoured a 54-year-old woman alive in Indonesia. The police had said when the woman, named Jahrah, did not come home from work, her husband started searching for her, but only found her scarf, clothes, and bits of other belongings. The next day, he and his companions came across a python with a giant belly. It was eventually discovered the python had swallowed the woman alive.

python discovered in hawaii baffles officials as to its origin
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