• The incident happened when the tourists were parasailing in Rhodes
  • The trio was holidaying in Lindos
  • Authorities have started an investigation and two arrests have been made

  parasailing The two teens were found dead and 1 severely injured on the rocks of the islet Photo: pixabay

Two British teens were killed and one severely injured in a parasailing accident on the Greek island of Rhodes on Wednesday, reported The Guardian.

According to reports, the three teens were hanging onto a parachute pulled by a boat when the high winds caused them to drift towards the rocks. The rope attached to the boat snapped and they were thrown against the rocks on an islet.

“A 13-year-old girl and a young man of 15 were found dead on the rocks near the city of Lindos in Rhodes,” the Greek coastguard’s press office said.

The coastguard and paramedics also found another 15-year-old with serious injuries in the same area and transferred him to a hospital in Rhodes. He was put into a medically induced coma.

The three youngsters, siblings of the same family, came to Lindos, South East of Rhode Island for holidaying. The two teens who died in the incident are cousins. The young boy, who is critically injured and hospitalized, is the sibling of the boy who died.

The youngsters were found dead on the rocks by the coastguard and they were taken to the State hospital of Rhodes where they were declared dead. The other 15 -year old boy was found severely injured on the island rocks and was immediately transferred to the hospital’s critical care unit.

"We are supporting the family of two British people following their death in Rhodes, and are in contact with the Greek authorities,” the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, (FCDO) spokesman told BBC.

Authorities have opened a probe into the cause of the accident. The coastguard spokesperson said that they are investigating how the rope was cut. The boat’s driver and another person were arrested.