Doctors found 26 cockroaches inside the ear of a man in China. In this picture, an actor is depicting a woman terrorized by cockroaches in a derelict New York City apartment lobby is seen inside Nightmare: New York, a haunted house for adults, in New York, on Oct. 22, 2014. Reuters/Mike Segar

It sounds bizarre but it’s true. While sleeping, there are times when a person can feel insects or other creepy crawlers attacking their body and ultimately leaving a bitemark as well. However, this man from China definitely woke up in pain and shock a few months back.

A man from China, identified as Li, went to the doctors months back complaining of an earache and was taken aback when the doctors told him that there was a family of cockroaches breeding in his ears.

The 19-year-old, who was in severe pain and complained of itching and discomfort in his ear, was immediately taken to the emergency room of a hospital in Guandong Province in southern China. After dislodging a lump of wax from his ear, the doctors were shocked to find 26 cockroaches breeding inside.

Later, with the help of an electric otoscope, the doctors looked inside the teenager’s ears and discovered that a female cockroach had crept into his ear and laid 25 eggs to give birth to little ones making his ear a warm cozy home to live in.

According to the Mirror U.K., Dr. Yang Jing from Chang’ a Xiaobian Hospital in Dongguan said: “We saw an insect-shaped object blocking his ear canal completely.”

According to the doctors, the female cockroach had crawled into Li’s ear weeks before it laid eggs there. They also believed that if Li had not reached the hospital in time, his ear would have been completely damaged, causing hearing loss.

The doctors flushed Li’s ear and took out all the cockroaches from his ears.

In a similar incident in 2014, a person complained of a severe itch in his ear and it was discovered that he actually had a very big insect living inside his ear canal.

According to the doctors in the South Zone ENT Research Centre in Villupuram in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, they removed a two-inch big insect from the unnamed man’s ear using tweezers. The cricket could be seen crawling back into the man’s ear as the doctors tried to catch hold of it with the help of tweezers. But they could eventually grab and pull out the insect without harming the man.

According to the doctors though the insect would not have been able to sting the man’s ear it would have caused a lot of irritation and led to temporary hearing and balance issues. According to the Daily Star U.K., an expert on invertebrate biology and a lecturer at the University of Derby, Michael Sweet said, “Crickets like warm countries and hide during the day. It is likely this cricket crawled into the man’s ear while he was sleeping and was just hiding there until night came around.”

He added, "It is likely this cricket crawled into the man’s ear while he was sleeping and was just hiding there until night came around. This beastie will have just been uncomfortable for the victim. However, it could possibly have done some damage to the inner-ear which would have resulted in temporary balance and hearing issues.”