Three cruise passengers have been arrested in Miami on Monday for credit card fraud.  The three men indulged in a shopping spree for more than $110,000 using stolen credit cards onboard Carnival Cruise Line's Victory ship.

In the arrest report by Customs and Border Patrol agents, it is said that they discovered Myrick Rucker Jr., 26, of Antioch, California, had a warrant upon arrival in Miami.

The CBP agents learned that Rucker used three different credit cards on the ship to make more than $25,000 in purchases.

Police also said Rucker tried to throw away a Rolex watch near Port Miami claiming that the watch does not belong to him.

Carnival employees confirmed that all purchases made by Rucker including the Rolex were fraudulent and the matter has been endorsed by the real account holders.

According to cruise news, Carnival crew discovered that purchases made by Sheldon Johnson of Antioch, California, and Marquise Ingramof San Bruno, California were also done with stolen credit card numbers.

On being alerted, the U.S. Secret Service dispatched a special agent to verify the purchases and re-confirmed the fraud although the suspects denied it.

The accused will face charges of grand theft, fraudulent use of credit cards, trafficking in counterfeit credit cards and fraud. 

The trio is under custody at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. 

Tips to avoid theft on cruise ships

The incident underscores that fraud and thefts occur on cruise ships and constant vigil is the only way out. A few measures can avoid becoming victims of thefts on cruise ships, especially in ports.

Many travel experts including Travelocity do advise travelers not to carry too many valuables during trips. 

If at all some valuables are packed for a cruise trip, make sure it is a minimum and better kept within the ship during the travel. The penchant for flashing bling can heighten the vulnerability to theft and assault.

Use safe vaults in the ship

To make sure jewelry and cash are safe during the trip to rely on the vault within the ship’s cabin or use a portable safe in case plans are there to stay at a hotel after the cruise.

One important tip against theft or loss of personal belongings is not lowering the guard amidst the excitement of cruising.

Occasions do crop up such as putting down bags for a moment to take pictures or leaving the smartphone under a towel on the deck chair. If there is a travel buddy, do alert him to have a watchful eye on your stuff so that personal belongings remain safe.