The doctors at a hospital in Egypt were able to save the life of a 3-month-old baby by removing five metal pins from his stomach.

According to local media reports, the metal pins were three-centimeters-long. The mother of the child revealed the baby was with his 3-year-old sister when the latter put the metal pins inside his mouth, GDN Online reported. The 3-month-old child then swallowed the pins.

The unidentified mother was not around when the incident took place. When she returned, she noticed the baby was crying. When she could not get him to stop crying, she rushed him to a hospital. At the hospital, doctors did an X-ray scan, which revealed a set of pins in the esophagus and others in the stomach.

Doctors also did a CT scan to rule out any injury to the child as they feared the pins could have damaged the stomach wall or the esophagus.

Surgery was then conducted to extract the pins from the child's stomach. The doctor in charge of the case confirmed to Gulf Today the young age of the child made the surgery difficult and complex. The metal pins had clamps and sharp ends, due to which the extraction had to be done carefully. Any injury while removing the pins could have been life threatening for the child.

Doctors later confirmed that the child's condition was in stable condition, and all the pins inside him had been extracted.

In a recent incident, a 27-year-old man in India had to undergo surgery to remove a deodorant can inside him after being rushed to a hospital due to severe abdominal pain. Doctors at the hospital found that an 8-inch deodorant canister was stuck in his sigmoid colon. The unidentified man reportedly had the can lodged inside him for three weeks before doctors removed it through surgery on Sept. 14. The surgery to remove the can took two hours, the doctors said, adding the lid on the bottle was on.

The doctors at the Burdwan Medical College in West Bengal, where the surgery was conducted, said the man's esophagus was damaged, and had to be surgically fixed. He also suffered injuries to his intestines. It was not clear how the can ended up inside the man.

Doctors performing surgery
Representation. Doctors performing surgery. sasint/Pixabay