A 3-year-old child in Nigeria died after she was allegedly flogged by her mother, the police said Thursday.

The accused, identified as Chinelo Udogu, has been arrested by the Anambra State police.

When the woman realized her daughter had died, she put the child's body in a bag and dumped it in a bush, local media outlet Punch Metro reported.

After some residents raised a complaint with the police, Udogu was taken into custody and she admitted to the crime. She then took the officers to the area where she dumped the child.

The police recovered the decomposed body of the victim in a bush.

"I beat her and she started convulsing. So, I took her to Kings (hospital). Getting there, she died, so I threw her body here," Udogu told the police, according to local media reports.

Authorities did not reveal the date when the incident took place. The Anambra State Police Command on Thursday confirmed the suspect had been arrested and the matter was transferred to the state Criminal Investigation Department for further investigations.

"On the incident about a woman, Chinelo Udogu, who allegedly flogged a three-year-old child to death and dumped her body in a bush at Amikwo, Awka, she has been arrested and the victim's body recovered," state police spokesman, Tochukwu Ikenga, said, according to VanguardNGR.

"The lesson for us to learn is that we should be cautious when angry and desist from going physical when correcting our children."

The charges placed against the woman have not been revealed. It also is not known if any other family member had lived with the mother-daughter duo in the house where the incident took place.

Last week, a man in Egypt was arrested for allegedly killing his 3-year-old daughter after she opened the refrigerator without his permission. Local media said the father tortured the child by burning parts of her body. He then severely beat up the child. The accused's wife, who was the victim's stepmother, admitted her husband had physically assaulted his daughter as punishment. During questioning, the accused admitted to torturing and beating his daughter to the point where she became unconscious. He then took her to a hospital, where doctors declared her dead.

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