Aaron Hernandez Arrest
Law enforcement sources are working on a theory that Odin Lloyd may have "mouthed off" about "secrets" concerning Aaron Hernandez's criminal past. Reuters

Aaron Hernandez’s next scheduled court date is here, as the former New England Patriots tight end is set have a probable cause hearing on Thursday. He was expected to learn what evidence the prosecution has on him in their attempt to prove that he is guilty in the murder of Odin Lloyd. Instead, he's likely to be formally indicted for the crime, according to ABC News.

It’s been almost two months since Hernandez was taken to prison. He was arrested on June 26, nine days after Lloyd was shot and killed. The ex-NFL star has been held in jail without bail.

Prosecutors appear to have several pieces of evidence that link Hernandez to Lloyd on the night of the murder. Surveillance footage shows Hernandez, along with associates Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz, getting into a vehicle with Lloyd before his death. The three men eventually returned to Hernandez’s house without Lloyd, and police say there’s footage of Hernandez’s car at the North Attleboro, Massachusetts park where the victim’s dead body was discovered.

Authorities have yet to find the murder weapon, which would give the prosecution an even stronger case. Recently, police sent a dive team into a pond in Bristol, Hernandez’s hometown, but they did not find anything. When Hernandez returned home on the night of June 17, he was seen carrying what looked like a .45-caliber Glock pistol, and .45-caliber bullet casings were found at the crime scene. Those casings match ammunition that was discovered at a house that Hernandez leased.

Wallace and Ortiz are also being charged in connection with Lloyd’s death. Wallace will appear in court on Aug.26, as he’s charged with accessory to murder after the fact. Ortiz will go to court three days later with a charge for an illegal weapon.

The two tell police that on the day of the shooting, they were at a housed owned by Hernandez’s uncle. Authorities found a car at the home that is connected to a drive-by shooting from July 2012. Now, Hernandez is being investigated for his involvement with that double-homicide from last year.