More than a year before he was arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd, former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez was reportedly involved in a domestic dispute with girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins.

Law enforcement sources have revealed that police responded to an alleged domestic disturbance caused by Hernandez and Jenkins in June 2012, TMZ reports. According to the report, the 23-year-old and his fiancée were renting an apartment in Hermosa Beach—a beachfront town in Los Angeles—at the time of the incident. A neighbor purportedly called police to file a domestic disturbance report, claiming that Hernandez and Jenkins had been “fighting.”

However, when LA police arrived to investigate, Jenkins reportedly told them that she was alright and had no interest in pressing charges against Hernandez, TMZ reports. Authorities ended up leaving the couple’s Hermosa Beach rental without making an arrest. It is unclear if the alleged domestic dispute was verbal or physical in nature.

Authorities also claim that neighbors had called the police several times to file noise complaints against Hernandez, TMZ reports. According to one source, Hernandez “acted like an a—hole” when confronted with the charges, but wasn't arrested.

TMZ’s sources added that Hernandez still maintains possession of the Hermosa Beach property. However, police have yet to obtain a search warrant for the apartment.

Hernandez and his girlfriend have reportedly been together since 2007, when they both attended Connecticut’s Bristol Central High School. In November 2012, Jenkins gave birth to Avielle Janelle, Hernandez’s infant daughter. The couple reportedly became engaged around the same time.

Hernandez’s fiancée will likely play a major role in the Odin Lloyd murder investigation. According to prosecutor Bill McCauley’s summary at the Hernandez arraignment, Jenkins initially cooperated with the police investigation into Hernandez’s potential role in the Lloyd homicide, but stopped talking to police at her future husband’s behest.

Prosecutors will likely attempt to force Jenkins to testify in any future trial involving Hernandez. However, Massachusetts state law may provide her with a measure of protection. According to the law, Jenkins would not have to testify against Hernandez if the couple decided to marry before she was called to the stand.