Barcelona and AC Milan played to a scoreless result on Wednesday, as the Catalans failed to gain the coveted away goal at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza.

After an entertaining first half, the second half lacked great chances. Barcelona have controlled the match, but the two best chances came from Robinho and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the opening half.

Alexis Sanchez hoped for a penalty kick after a foul by Christian Abbiati, but didn't get it. In the second half, Lionel Messi failed to convert on some promising opportunities.

The home side failed to put much pressure on the Barcelona goal, as AC Milan managed just six shots with three on target. Barcelona took 18 shots but with just three on goal. As always, Barcelona dominated possession, by controlling the ball of 65 percent of the match.

AC Milan was booked with three yellow cards, while Barcelona only had one.

The second leg takes place next Tuesday at Camp Nou. AC Milan may want to take on a defensive posture. Another scoreless outcome will result in overtime and perhaps penalty kicks.

Here are some highlights from AC Milan - Barcelona:

AC Milan 0 0 FC Barcelona hoofoot... by hoofoot