Libertarian radio host, Adam Kokesh, who announced a loaded gun march on July 4, has been arrested.

On May 18, Kokesh was arrested in Philadelphia during a marijuana legalization rally. According to Kokesh’s supporters, he was taken into custody during the “Smoke Down Prohibition” rally for “assaulting a police officer.” Police say he was “violating federal law,” the Washington Times reports.

A video that documents the arrest shows Kokesh, 31, being apprehended by several police officers. “I am being assaulted by an officer of the law who is a clear criminal,” Kokesh says in a microphone as police officers arrest him. “This is a criminal act being committed by a man in a costume.”

On his Facebook page, Kokesh’s staff has kept supporters up to date with the details surrounding his case. The most recent status says a legal fund has been established and to “stay tuned” because they will be “releasing some footage that could shift the whole paradigm for Adam.”

Alex Jones, a conservative radio host known for his conspiracy theories, said on his radio show that he had warned Kokesh that authorities might target him after he announced his “Open Carry” march.

The rally typically has participants smoke marijuana around 4:20 p.m. Kokesh’s staff maintains he didn’t participate.

“Adam did not smoke anything,” Darrel Young said on Jones’ radio show.

Conspiracy theories including whether police planted drugs on Kokesh during his arrest, and whether he was kidnapped by federal agents and is being framed have all been thrown around to explain his arrest.

The information surrounding Kokesh’s arrest remains blurry. Supporters say he was arrested by park rangers, brought to a holding cell and later transferred to a federal prison.

“They haven’t provided any information on why they detained him,” Young said. “Our assumption is that the federal agents have him.”

The Federal Bureau of Prisons website shows that Kokesh is being held at a Federal Detention Center (FDC) in Philadelphia. According to the FBP, the institution is used to house pretrial male and female inmates.

Kokesh’s staff has planned a “phone flood” that encourages supporters to call authorities and demand Kokesh’s “immediate and unconditional release.” More than 1,300 people have signed up.

Kokesh is a former Marine who was given a general discharge after he participated in a mock patrol during an anti-war protest while in uniform, Fox News reports. He became a prominent anti-war activist, an active participant for “Iraq Veterans Against the War” and a strong supporter of Ron Paul during his presidential campaign.

Kokesh is no stranger to controversy. Besides his “Open Carry” march, Kokesh has been arrested during a flash-mob protest at the Jefferson Memorial. He was also thrown out of the 2008 Republican National Convention after bringing a banner that criticized Sen. John McCain.

Lucas Jewell, Kokesh’s business manager, says he spoke to Adam in prison.

“I know being arrested for resisting arrest as the only charge seems crazy as Adam says, ‘If it made sense it wouldn't be government.’”