On Thursday, Adrian Peterson returned to Minnesota after attending his son’s funeral. The two-year-old passed away last week after allegedly being assaulted by his mother’s boyfriend.

"A lot of people won't ever understand the situation that I'm in and see it the way I'm seeing the situation,” Peterson told the media at practice. “It's tough, but I'm able to deal with that and got a good supporting cast around me that's been supporting me through this tough time."

The Minnesota Vikings running back was not close with his son, having never met him until he was in the hospital. According to Peterson, he found out that he had a child approximately two months ago. When he finally saw his son for the first time, he was in critical condition.

"It's an unfortunate situation and I can speak on it," Peterson said. "I found out recently that he was my son, like two months ago. I was planning on seeing him. I had a talk with his mom and we got some things together as far as financially helping her. Unfortunately this situation took place. It's devastating.”

According to one of Peterson’s ex-girlfriends, his recently deceased son isn't the NFL star’s only child. Erica Syion told TMZ that Peterson could have as many as seven kids. She insinuates that he doesn’t spend that much time with them, but doesn’t have trouble making child support payments.

“To my knowledge he takes care of all of them financially,” Syion told TMZ. He gets my son in the summertime, but, I mean, he could better.”

Peterson played last Sunday after hearing of his son’s death. This week, he and the Vikings visit the New York Giants.