Warning: The photos of Brownie shown below are graphic and may be disturbing.

Adrienne Martin, a St. Louis woman who brazenly bragged about killing her dog on Facebook, has been hit with felony animal cruelty charges in the brutal death of Brownie, who died from severe burns and abuse.

The arrest of Martin was announced Thursday by Stray Rescue of St. Louis, which unsuccessfully tried to save Brownie.

Martin allegedly posted on her Facebook account about her intentions to kill her dog.

“I’m on killa mode ….. #killdogs.com…..today..,” she posted July 9. The posting was shared 36 times by animal advocates who called Martin “gross” and “sickening.”

Martin followed that up with an alleged confession in which she used the hashtag #alldogsdontgotoheaven:

"I mean what I say and say what I mean," she wrote July 10. "#alldogsdontgotoheaven.com."


Brownie was rescued July 10 and rushed to Stray Rescue for emergency medical treatment after sustaining “severe burns after being lit on fire all over his face and body,” according to the non-profit organization.

“Brownie was helpless in escaping his abuser because he was anchored by a chain,” Stray Rescue said. “He later died.”

“This is one of the most disturbing abuse cases I have ever dealt with,” said Stray Rescue founder Randy Grim in a statement. “It has stricken our community to the core of our hearts, but I am inspired by how swiftly we have been able to respond to these awful cases. Brownie deserves justice.”

After the July 9 post, Martin returned to Facebook July 14 to respond to her critics. The St. Louis woman showed no remorse for her alleged behavior.

“MF's is killing me about this stupid dog ....keep it real...you didn't take care nor like or love the MF...on the TV str8 lies ...‪#‎laughingeveryday....stop b----..,” she wrote. That messaged was shared 31 times on Facebook.

She now faces felony animal abuse charges in Brownie’s death.

The crime was so horrific that it caught the attention of St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay. The mayor formed the Animal Cruelty Task Force in October 2012 to combat animal cruelty.

“This demonstrates again that we are serious about this,” said Slay said in a statement. “Our Animal Cruelty Task Force will continue to catch and arrest criminals who torture or hurt animals."

Grim said the dog’s treatment “really struck a nerve with everyone.

“Our community is sick and tired of these horrific crimes, and animal abusers everywhere need to know their crimes won’t be tolerated and you will be arrested,” he said.