(Reuters) - Eight members of an Afghan family, including six children and two women, were killed in a NATO airstrike in eastern Afghanistan, local authorities said Sunday, although the NATO-led coalition said there was no evidence of any civilian casualties.

The strike took place in the Gerda Serai district of Paktia late on Saturday, the provincial governor's spokesman, Rohullah Samon, said as foreign and Afghan security forces try to quell Taliban and Haqqani network insurgents active in the area.

The strike by ISAF killed four teenage boys, two teenage girls, and two women, and wounded two others, Samon said.

A senior official for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force said the coalition was looking into the alleged incident, but so far had seen no evidence of civilian casualties.

Samon said the air strike was not coordinated with Afghan security forces on the ground in the area.

The coalition said four foreign soldiers were killed on Saturday by improvised bombs in unrelated incidents in the country's south.

(Reporting by Elyas Wahdat, Writing by Hamid Shalizi, Editing by Rob Taylor)