• The pilot and an American sky diving instructor were injured
  • The aircraft was moving at normal speed when it toppled over
  • Authorities have opened an investigation into the incident

A pilot and a passenger had a miraculous escape after a two-seater private plane in India toppled over after it veered off the runway during landing.

The pilot was reportedly trying to avoid hitting a dog on the runway when the mishap happened Sunday evening. The incident was reported in a small suburban airstrip near the southern city of Bengaluru, The Times of India reported.

The aircraft is a Cessna 185 and belongs to a private flying institute.

"The pilot was on routine practice, and an American skydiver was accompanying him. The aircraft, which had covered three-fourths of the runway, had almost come to a halt when the accident took place. Both were immediately shifted to a nearby private hospital where they were treated for injuries," an unnamed source told the news outlet.

The pilot has reportedly given a statement that he spotted a dog on the way as the aircraft was coming towards a halt. He took evasive action to avoid the dog, resulting in the plane toppling over.

The female skydiver is reportedly a world champion.

"The pilot was on a practice run. The sky diving champion, who is also a pilot, was familiarizing the pilot on skydiving sortie," a source told The Hindu.

Reports added a tragedy was averted as the aircraft was coming to a halt and moving at normal speed. Both are said to be recovering as the injuries are minor. The Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation has opened an investigation into the incident.

Recently, another major air tragedy was averted in India after a flight from Delhi carrying 55 passengers overshot the runway, while landing at an airport. There were 55 passengers and five crew members on board and they safely disembarked after the incident without any injuries.

However, India also witnessed a tragedy last year after an Air India Express passenger plane overshot the runway and broke into two. The incident that happened in the Indian state of Kerala claimed the lives of 17 people. The majority of the victims were Indians flying home from Dubai as the fight was a COVID repatriation plane. There were 190 passengers and crew on board, including 10 infants.

small plane Cessna 182
A Cessna 182 plane | representational image. Manfred Schmid/Getty Images