Airline company Virgin Australia announced Monday that it will offer free flights, trips and a chance to win a $145,000 for travelers willing to take a middle seat on flights.

The new program is called the "Middle Seat Lottery." Virgin Australia admitted that the middle seat isn't ideal for travelers.

"We know that not every seat is created equal. But we believe that every seat should be wonderful - even the ones in the middle," Virgin Australia said in a release.

There are 26 different prizes that can be chosen each week including a full-day helicopter pub crawl, cruises with flights, or a two-night holiday in Cairns, including flights and bungee jumping. Also among the prizes is custom artwork from an Australian artist.

The promotion ends on April 23, 2023.

Many airlines offer ways to earn miles and points for money towards trips, but this program is a first of its kind for customers sitting in a middle seat.

The move comes as airlines prepare for busy travel and competition during the holidays.

"Virgin Australia is an airline that's doing things differently and we are having a lot of fun coming up with exciting innovations to make every part of the travel experience more wonderful," Jayne Hrdlicka, chief executive officer of Virgin Australia Group, said in a press release.

"Now we're giving our loyal guests the opportunity to win from a prize pool valued at over $230,000 for simply sitting in a middle seat," Hrdlicka added.

To qualify for the airline's "Middle Seat Lottery" customers must also be a member of its "Velocity Frequent Flyer member."