Alaska Airlines Flight 76 had to make an emergency landing in Vancouver on Sunday after one of the plane’s electrical systems reported problems. The Boeing 737-400, with 120 passengers and five crew members on board, was traveling from Juneau, Alaska to Seattle, Washington.

It landed at the Vancouver International Airport around 5 p.m. on Sunday and no injuries were reported.

A company spokeswoman said, according to the Associated Press (AP), the pilots were in control of the aircraft when the problems arose during the flight. She added that the landing was performed in accordance with the company's policy that required a plane to land at the nearest airport in case of emergency.

A replacement aircraft would take the passengers bound for Seattle to their destination, the company spokeswoman reportedly said.

According to a report by the Province, a Vancouver-based newspaper, technicians and maintenance crew were inspecting the plane after it landed.

In April, an Alaska Airlines plane had to make an emergency landing after one of the airport workers was trapped inside the cargo hold of Flight 448, and called 911 from inside the moving plane. The worker was later barred from all future work with the airline.