Amazon announced on Tuesday that it will be adding a $0.35 holiday fee on top of its other fees for e-commerce sellers through "fulfillment by Amazon."

The move comes as Amazon attempts to stop the company from absorbing extra costs during the elevated shipping season. Through its FBA program, Amazon is responsible the packaging and shipping for sellers and during the holiday this becomes overloaded with extra orders.

"Our selling partners are incredibly important to us, and this is not a decision we made lightly," while also adding that "expenses are reaching new heights," Amazon said in the email sent to sellers.

The fee will be added from Oct. 15 till Jan. 14, per item sold in the U.S. or Canada.

Amazon said in March that it has 1.9 million selling partners worldwide, along with having 300 million active customer accounts.

Amazon sellers have to pay for a seller plan, along with referral fees, and fulfillment fees if they choose not to fulfill their own orders along with possible storage or advertisement fees.

The U.S. Postal Service filed a notice Wednesday with the Postal Regulatory Commission to also increase its shipping prices across the board during the holiday season to combat the increased demand.

The USPS referred to the increase as a way to stay "competitive" during the increased volume.