Sheldon Silver
Sheldon Silver, Assembly Speaker REUTERS/Hans Pennink

The Assembly speaker, Sheldon Silver said this afternoon after meeting with Gov. Andrew Cuomo for 90 minutes he and his Senate counterpart, Dean Skelos, the Senate majority leader have not yet worked out the details of a framework agreement containing a property tax cap, rent stabilization regulation and relief of municipal mandates.

While Skelos said he was not sure if a deal could be reached today, Sliver sounded optimistic saying the Assembly was ready to end the legislative session, which is now two days overdue.

We can vote on everything today. We've made significant progress, Silver, said.

Skelos hinted that the Republican conference and Cuomo are close on amendments to the same sex marriage bill that would clarify protections for religious organizations from lawsuits.

My colleagues and [the governor's] counsel's office are looking very closely at religious protections and I think they will conclude that. Once we have final legislation we'll discuss it in conference, Skelos said.

Silver said he'd seen a draft of the amendments speculating if the Senate says they're doing it and they agree on it.

They are not necessarily the final amendments, Silver said. They would just guarantee certain religious freedoms for religious institutions, Silver said, stressing that there is no final agreement on exact language.

Skelos said his staff is still working on amendments and when they are completed he will brong the issue to his conference for discussion.

Once we have final legislation, we will then discuss it with the conference, said Skelos.