Following a string of high-profile cases of American tourists getting sick, dying, and being assaulted, another American tourist has died in the Dominican Republic.

The increase in the number of mysterious deaths and sudden illnesses at resorts in the Dominican Republic has drawn an unsettling amount of attention to the nation. The events, which have been widely reported, prompted government officials in the Dominican Republic as well as U.S. ambassadors to reassure travelers that the country is still safe. However, another death has just been reported.

In the most recent incident, a man named Robert Wallace was vacationing in the Dominican Republic when things took a grisly turn. Wallace, 67, was from California and had been in the country to attend his stepson’s wedding. He was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana where he eventually died. His niece, Chloe Arnold, told Fox News on Sunday that Wallace had fallen ill almost immediately after having had a scotch from his hotel room’s minibar. Arnold also reiterates that her uncle, an avid traveler, had been in good health before his sudden death.

“He was fine. He and his wife arrived there at around midnight on April 10. On April 11, he had a scotch from the minibar. He started feeling very sick, he had blood in his urine and stool right afterward,” Arnold relayed to Fox News.

Arnold further explained that the hotel doctor had checked Wallace, and decided on April 13 that he had to be hospitalized. On April 14, Wallace ultimately died.

Wallace’s case is similar to Miranda Schaup-Werner's. Schaup-Werner was staying at the Bahia Principe La Romana when she suffered a heart attack. However, what’s important to note is that she suffered a heart attack after having had a drink from the minibar in her room, much like Wallace.

Many families are now concerned that these deaths did not occur naturally at all. Such is the case with Maryland widow, Dawn McCoy, who went public with concerns regarding the death of her husband, David Harrison. Harrison, McCoy, and their 12-year-old son had been staying at the same Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana that Wallace was staying at. The couple had gone there with their son to celebrate their wedding anniversary and came back home, a broken family.

McCoy explained that her husband had been in good health, although he took medicine for his high blood pressure. Harrison, however, underwent a physical exam before the trip and the results showed that he was physically well. At some point during their trip, Harrison began feeling sick and woke up covered in sweat. Unfortunately, Harrison did not make it.

A user on Twitter theorizes that what is happening in the Dominican Republic could be the same thing that happened in resorts in Mexico where fake liquor was served and caused mysterious illnesses and deaths as well.

With the recent rise of mysterious and sudden deaths happening in resorts in the Dominican Republic, one has to ask, what is going on at these resorts?

Grand Bahia Principe La Romana
Grand Bahia Principe La Romana is a resort known for its breath taking views. However, the resort has recently come under scrutiny after 3 Americans mysteriously died at the premises. IDEE PER VIAGGIARE / Flickr