The Los Angeles Lakers got a big lift when Anthony Davis decided to waive his $4 million trade kicker, which many perceived was done to accommodate more stars in the fold. And while most felt that it was a no-brainer of a move and that the Lakers had to move heaven and earth to talk some sense into the Brow, his agent Rich Paul says that it was not the case.

Paul joined Evan Cohen, Amin Elhassan and Zach Harper on SiriusXM's NBA channel recently, and the popular player agent made some interesting revelations on the show. Of course, nothing beats getting firsthand information on what truly went on with his prized client named Davis -- particularly revolving around the $4 million trade kicker waive.

Unsurprisingly, Paul would say that Davis would want what's best for the team. At the time, the Lakers suddenly found themselves in hot pursuit of Leonard before the two-time NBA champion decided on joining the Los Angeles Clippers, reported. The move hardly comes as a surprise since it was already rumored that Leonard was strongly leaning on joining the Clippers over the Lakers.

According to Paul, however, Davis decision to waive is trade kicker was not contingent on landing Leonard. He explained how he and the top pick of the 2012 NBA Draft discussed on which was more important: earning big money or winning.

“I asked what’s important to him. If it’s important for you to keep your money in your pocket that’s what we’ll do. But if it’s important for you to win, the more money you have available to go out and take talent then that’s what you do," Paul said when asked about the matter by Elhassan on the show.

Depending on how one looks at it, this may be up for debate. In the eyes of most, James or probably Rob Pelinka still had a hand in persuading Davis to waive his trade kicker. As most know by now, the Lakers were unable to land Leonard anyway. However, they did get two key players instead in DeMarcus Cousins and Avery Bradley. Ironically, Davis and Bradley will be reunited again. Both played for the New Orleans Pelicans during the 2017-18 NBA season although Boogie failed to finish that season after suffering an Achilles injury. Prior to the injury, Cousins was having a splendid season and primed for a max contract deal. Now, he is working his way back to shape and joining the Lakers could be the best platform for Boogie to return.

Anthony Davis New Orleans Pelicans
Anthony Davis #23 of the New Orleans Pelicans walks off the court against the Dallas Mavericks in the first half at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, March 18, 2019. Tom Pennington/Getty Images