More than a year after he resigned in disgrace from Congress, scandal-scarred Anthony Weiner is still having difficulty finding a job, spurring him to consider running for mayor of New York City - an office in which he enjoyed frontrunner status before he tweeted photos of his underwear-clad penis to a college student and lied about it.

Nobody wants to hire Anthony; he can't find a job, a political consultant who hired a former Anthony Weiner staffer told the New York Post.

Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, who found out she was pregnant as the Twitter scandal was unfolding, is panicked he can't find a job, another source told the Post.

She's quite angry because no one she thought would help him has helped him, the source said of Abedin, who works as an aide to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Politics is the only job Weiner's ever known, cutting his teeth in then-U.S. Rep. Chuck Schumer's office before winning a seat in the New York City Council in 1991. He then made a successful bid for Congress in 1998, representing parts of the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens until June 2011, when he resigned in disgrace after it was revealed he had inappropriate online relationships with a number of women. He lied and said his Twitter account was hacked when he tweeted a photo of his boxer-clad penis that was intended as a private message but instead was sent to all of his followers.

A graduate of SUNY-Plattsburgh, where he received a bachelor's degree in political science, Anthony Weiner has been trying to land a job in finance, real estate or political consulting, according to the Post.

Weiner's difficulty in finding a job has led him to reconsider entering the political arena by running for mayor of New York City.

Weiner had been the frontrunner to succeed Mayor Michael Bloomberg before the Twitter scandal dealt a devastating blow to his political career.

But Weiner is trying to recover, with Abedin reportedly urging the former congressman to agree to a tell-all interview to put his past behind him. Abedin believes such an interview will to for her husband what it did to rehabilitate former President Bill Clinton's image following the Monica Lewinsky scandal, the Post reported.

It appears Weiner is not amenable to the idea right now, however.

She wants to figure out how to get all this behind them so they can get back on track, but he's still in denial, a source told the Post.

Part of Weiner's reasoning in contemplating a run for public office involves his campaign account. The ex-congressman is receiving matching funds on the cash in his campaign account and eligibility for those matching funds would expire next year, according to NBC New York