Mainland China and 21 other countries, including Bolivia, Madagascar and Kenya, will finally open sales for Apple's most advanced smartphone, the iPhone 4S, on Friday, Jan. 13.
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Apple's TV ad depicting Santa's interaction with Siri on his iPhone 4S, has been acknowledged as the most effective TV commercial of the holiday season, according to the analysis firm, Ace Metrix.

The TV ad starts with Santa asking Siri how he can get to Charlie Grant's house to deliver his presents, which launches into a dialogue where Siri warns Santa of the cold and alerts him to 3.7 pending appointments.

The ad received 652 points out of a possible 950 in Ace Metrix's survey, 8 percent higher than any other tech brand, according to Apple Insider. Many viewers were enlightened by the ad saying it made them aware of new tools within the Siri feature. The ad has had over two and a half million views on YouTube.

Ace Metrix randomly selected a group of viewers who rated a set of commercials based on relevance, persuasion and information. The company found that ads featuring Santa generally did much better during the holiday season.

Siri, the iPhone 4S's voice assistant, has been one of the most popular features of the latest iPhone, setting it apart from its competitors.

Tweets Responding to the Ad:

chrisgeidner Chris Geidner

According to the ad, Siri is much more responsive to Santa than she ever is to me.

chartier David Chartier

Tried the find that email bit from Apple's Santa + Siri ad. Didn't know that worked. My iPhone just became my most useful email too.

SamSpratt Sam Spratt

Apple's new Santa Siri ad is effective but weird coming from Apple

mediaguy nicholas johnson

Love the new Siri/ Santa ad. Siri, how's the rest of my day looking? 3.75 billion appointments.

impe83 Frankie Grey

RT @9to5mac: Santa Claus shows us how to use Siri in Apple's new iPhone 4S commercial - cool ad, as usual!!!! #xmas

Siri has been heralded for its sophisticaed understanding of conversational human language. It allows users to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls through voice commands.