Restaurant chain Applebee’s wants to make drive-thru windows the newest addition to a select number of restaurants within the coming weeks, along with plans to have several operating by the end of the year.

The move comes as pickup and delivery orders accounted for about 27% of its sales in the past two years, even as pandemic restrictions have loosened. This has made Applebee’s a direct competitor in “fast casual.” Applebee’s currently has two restaurants with drive-thru windows -- one in Texarkana, Texas, and another in Monroe, Louisiana.

"We think there's a really strong argument for [the drive-thrus.] We will scale it, should the business case be clear. My instinct says 'yes,' there's a genuine need," Applebee's President John Cywinski told CNN Business.

Cywinski said customers seeking a to-go meal can now think of Applebee's. He cited the success of McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King for their success with customers seeking a fast meal.

Applebee’s drive-thru window will not be less complex than fast-food chains. Customers will order their meals as they do with the current “car-side to-go” operation, but instead pick up the food at the window.

In the coming weeks, the chain expects to open drive-thrus in West Columbia, South Carolina, and Colonial Heights, Virginia.

Cywinski told CNN Business that he expects there to be about 15 Applebee's restaurants with drive-thru windows by the end of the year.