Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, the planner of the U.S. embassy attacks in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998 was killed last Tuesday at a police checkpoint, Somali authorities said Saturday.

A spokesman for Somalia's minister of information Abdifatah Abdinur, said the picture of a man killed was compared to old photos.

They are the same. It is confirmed. He is the man and he is dead. The man who died is Fazul Abdullah, the spokesman said, according to the Associated Press.

Mohammed was carrying sophisticated weapons, maps, operational materials and tens of thousands of dollars when he was killed, AP reported, citing Information Minister Abdulkareem Jama.

Officials took a second look at the case due to the money, equipment and personal effects, he told AP.

Last Tuesday AP reported that two men riding a luxury car pulled up to a government-run security checkpoint. Security officials discovered a gun on one man and gunfire was exchanged. A man identified as a South African is now believed to have been Mohammmed, Abdinur said.