People rely on audiobooks because they are convenient and a great alternative to reading, but some would say it's "cheating." Before it turns into a debate, one must understand what this revolutionary product actually brings to the table.

For starters, an audiobook is paperless, portable and is an efficient way to consume your literature. Whether you’re on a bus, taxi, or just walking down the street, there are no limits to where and when you can enjoy your favorite novel.

So, why are so many reading enthusiasts still against audiobooks? We're here to find out and to hopefully inform you of the different benefits and some of the possible scenarios where audiobooks may have the advantage over their paperback counterparts.

What’s the Deal With Audiobooks?

Audiobooks Audiobooks have so many advantages over paperbooks. Photo: Pexels / Kaboopics

Audiobooks are just like any other form of media. While some book purists out there think that audiobooks aren’t “real” reading and that they don’t engage the mind of the listener, it can also be argued that audiobooks offer much more utility and are more accessible than their paperback counterparts. 

Aside from being infinitely more portable than paperback books, since you can download audiobooks on almost any device these days, audiobooks have also been shown to develop reading comprehension much more effectively than paperback books.

Here are a few reasons why audiobooks should be seen as “real” reading and a few ways that they even surpass paperback books. 

  1. Audiobooks can be a more intimate affair between you and the literature, just like listening to your favorite songs.
  2. With audiobooks, you can multitask with things like work or chores.
  3. You can hear how words are pronounced instantly.
  4. You can get more emotional response out of an audiobook simply because listening is more visceral than reading off of a book. This is especially helpful for those who struggle with forming images from things they read.
  5. Audiobooks are also paperless, so instead of having to buy a book that will probably be discarded in a few years, why not just integrate your library into the devices you already have and use on a daily basis?

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