As Target (TGT), Walmart (WMT), and eBay (EBAY) hold sales to rival Amazon’s (AMZN) two-day Prime Day sale, they are hoping for a significant payday to help bolster their revenue against the e-commerce giant.

According to data compiled by search engine data company Captify, Target, Walmart, eBay, and other retailers saw an increase of interest on their sites as consumers searched the internet for deals ahead of Prime Day. The increase in internet searches may be due to the curiosity of consumers that are wondering exactly what kind of deals they can advantage of with or without Amazon’s Prime sale, CBC News reported.

In addition, the $119 annual Prime membership may be swaying some consumers away from Amazon, which has been a major selling point for Target and Walmart. The two retailers are a touting that no membership is needed to cash in on the deals on their websites, which Amazon requires for its Prime Day sale.

According to the news outlet, about half of American households hold a Prime membership with Amazon.

Target, Walmart, and especially eBay, are also banking on a site outage with Amazon’s Prime Day much like the one that occurred in 2018. eBay specifically is offering a Crash Sale and unleashed even more discounts when Amazon experienced technical glitches on day one of its Prime sale.

Amazon may not be the end-all-be-all for deals as Target, Walmart, and eBay are offering deeper discounts on some products, making it possible that a greater deal can be hand with another retailer.

Shares of Amazon stock were down 0.67 percent as of 12:20 p.m. ET on Tuesday while shares of Target stock were up 1.18 percent. Shares of Walmart stock were down 0.37 percent, and shares of eBay stock were down 0.42 percent at the same time.

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A general view of atmosphere during the Amazon Prime Summer Soiree hosted by Erin and Sara Foster held at Sunset Towers on July 16, 2015 in West Hollywood, California. Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Amazon