Tottenham Hotspur's players argue with referee Clattenburg after Nani scored for Manchester United during their English Premier League soccer match at Old Trafford in Manchester.
Tottenham Hotspur's players argue with referee Clattenburg after Nani scored for Manchester United during their English Premier League soccer match at Old Trafford in Manchester. Reuters

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IBTimes: Here's the team news - Spurs manager Harry Redknapp has decided that going all out isn't exactly the wisest thing you can do against Arsenal. He has dropped Crouch back on the bench with Pavlyuchenko leading a one-man attack.

Arsenal have two changes. Laurent Koscileny comes back into the starting 11 in place of Johan Djourou after serving out his suspension. Wilshere's knock during last week's visit to Everton means he warms the bench. Denilson comes on in his place.

Arsenal: Fabianski, Sagna, Squillaci, Koscielny, Clichy, Song, Denilson, Nasri, Fabregas, Arshavin, Chamakh.

Subs: Szczesny, Rosicky, van Persie, Walcott, Wilshere, Djourou, Eboue.

Tottenham: Gomes, Hutton, Gallas, Kaboul, Assou-Ekotto, Lennon, Jenas, Modric, Bale, Van der Vaart, Pavlyuchenko.

Subs: Cudicini, Bentley, Palacios, Crouch, Defoe, Bassong, Corluka.

Referee: Phil Dowd

1 min: IBTimes - Oh, Samir Nasri doesn't shake hands with William Gallas. Why? It goes back a couple of years, when in the French camp Nasri was sitting in Thierry Henry's chair, but was told off by Gallas who said the young Nasri wasn't paying enough respect to senior players. Apparently, and evidently, the relation between them isn't the best.

3 min: IBTimes - And what a way to start the game. Spurs lose the ball shortly after kick-off, but Nasri is slipped through only to find the ball taken away at the last second by the sliding William Gallas. The first duel of the match and it's a personal duel. Wonderful.

3 min: IBTimes - Spurs win the first corner after Van der Vart delayed his cross, and was eventually blocked out for corner. The Dutchman plays the corner in near-post and in-form Gareth Bale tries to reverse flick it to the goal. But Fabianski gathers.

9 min: IBTimes - Arsenal almost broke the Spurs defence twice. Their sublime passing will be a problem for Spurs. First, a neat exchange between Nasri and Sagna released the latter only for him to fumble his early cross. Seconds later, again at the high end of the Spurs half, Nasri scoops over to free Farbregas near the by-line on the right, his low attempted ball in across goal was too close to Gomes.

10 min: IBTimes - GOAL! 1-0 Arsenal! NASRI!

13 min: IBTimes - Beautiful ball in over the top by Fabregas and Nasri is one-on-one with Gomes. Gomes rushes out and dives at his feet, but he doesn't get the ball somehow letting it slip under his body wide left. Nasri was there after continuing his run, right next to the by-line, form where he slipped it in. It was an impossible angle. And his reaction shows how much that meant to him. It's a personal battle for him. It's 1-0 to Nasri against Gallas!

14 min: IBTimes - Sagna is the first in the book, after he came in late against Bale. No complaints there, a deserved yellow card.

16 min: IBTimes - Now Spurs holding on the ball, trying to make something happen. That seems hard though, as they have rarely ventured into the Arsenal half. Arsenal have shut up shop and Spurs are restricted to passing around in their own half, or trying the long-ball route to Pavlyuchenko.

20 min: IBTimes - Arsenal are doing what they do best. They're passing around the Spurs D, with flicks and one-touches. Spurs not able to do anything as of now. It's all Arsenal now.

22 min: IBTimes - In Spurs first real attack, Gallas, of all people, surges down the middle, plundering through a forest of Arsenal legs until he is finally stopped by Squillaci. Arsenal counter quickly, Nasri is judged offside when he ran onto Fabregas' final ball.

24 min: IBTimes - Fabregas misses a good chance there. What a first time pass from Song, that was. Song sends in a first time ball forward, after Sagna's squared it for him from the right. Fabregas' first touch takes him past Younis Kaboul, but his shot isn't great. He tried to find the corner of the far post, but he dragged it too wide.

27 min: IBTimes - Now Spurs attack. Van der Vart whips in a free kick from the left. It is cleared but Kaboul finds it down the right, and send in a beautiful cross. Sagna had to be alert there, and he was, jumping above Van der Vart to send it out for a corner. The corner is again punched out, but it is put back in towards Kaboul who could only head wide. Spurs' best spell of the game so far.

28 min: IBTimes - GOAL! 2-0 Arsenal! Chamakh!

31 min: IBTimes - Arsenal counter in the speed of light! Fabregas was left with acres of space down the middle. He rushes in and comfortably slides it through for Arshavin down the left. The Russian drills in a low cross and Chamakh, as usual, is the first to it. He touches it in first time, sliding in with the outside of his right boot. Spurs have a long way to go!

36 min: IBTimes - Arsenal happy to hold onto the ball now. They do threaten with the occasional defence splitting pass from a Nasri or a Fabregas. However, Chamakh or Arshavin are called off-side both times. Hutton was supposedly down with knock when Arsenal scored their second. Interesting. But no complaints from Spurs. They know the rules.

40 min: IBTimes - Spurs are seeing more of the ball now. But they haven't been able to open up the Arsenal defence. Bale displays good feet but is brought down by Arshavin. Spurs move forward, but they have to be careful of the Arsenal counter. The free kick in is weak though, and it is cleared.

43min: IBTimes - Spurs win a corner. Whipped in by Van der Vart, Gallas meets it but it goes wide right. Pavluchenko gets to it and plays a one-two with Lennon into the box. The Russian then shoots with his left, trying to power it in. But it's headed back for a corner by Arsenal. The second corner comes to nothing though. At the moment, Spurs look like scoring only from a set-play.

48 min: IBTimes - Game suddenly opening up in the last few minutes. No shots on goal, but it's end-to-end stuff. Spurs get the ball forward to Pavlyuchenko who's flicks first time to Van der Vart, who has been sluggish at best so far this first half. However, he is tackled off the ball, but Arsenal counter with a brilliant touch from Fabregas. Nothing doing again as Kaboul shows great athleticism to win the ball and spread it forward to Lennon for another Spurs attack. This time though Lennon's cross comes to nothing.

48 min: IBTimes - Half-time - Arsenal 2-0 Spurs!

50 Min: IBTimes Wrap - It was all Arsenal in that first half. They showed pace, skill and sublime movement. Spurs just haven't been able to match up to their pace. When the first goal came, it was deservedly from Nasri who has been brilliant this first half, as has the rest of the Gunners. The second was a swift counter and Chamakh was the first to Arshavin's cross. Spurs will need to do alot if they are to get anything of this game. But it looks highly unlikely, considering Arsenal's brilliant performance this first half. 2-0 Arsenal! Time for a break. See y'all in 15 mins!

60 min: IBTimes - And we're back! Spurs ring the changes at half-time - The ineffective Lennon off for Jermain Defoe! Arsenal kick-off!

63 min: IBTimes - Fabregas comes in hard and late on Jenas. Ouch! That must have hurt. The Spaniard immediately apologizes and Jenas doesn't seem to be seriously hurt. Game goes on and Spurs win a corner. However, it is cleared and Arsenal counter. Deep down the left Chamakh tries to slip through Arshavin, but it is intercepted by Hutton.

64 min: IBTimes - GOAL! 2-1! Spurs! Gareth Bale!!!

66 min: IBTimes - Beautiful goal from Spurs. Ball over the top is chested down 30 yards from goal by Van der vart and he slips Bale through. The Welshman's first touch is brilliant and the second is even better, as he sublimely touches it with the outside of his left foot, past the reach of Fabianski's right and into the corner. Game on!

69 min: IBTimes - That goal seems to have given Spurs the push. They have Arsenal on the edge as they keep hold of the ball and thrust towards goal. Arsenal look shaky whenever they are threatened.

72 min: IBTimes - Tottenham playing loads better here. Pavlychenko starts a Spurs counter, spreading one wide right to Defoe from deep inside his half. Defoe cuts in and lays off Modric. The Croatian shoots powerfully, and it had some Arsenal hearts missing a beat. It flies over, but the game is much more open. Super stuff.

75 min: IBTimes - It's a great show at the Emirates. The crowd, despite the chilly London weather, are really animated. Great atmosphere.

76 min: IBTimes - Arsenal are trying to price open Spurs with their typical pass and move style of play. However, so far, Kaboul and Gallas have held firm.

An hour into the game, and it could go anywhere. 2-1 at the moment.

78 min: IBTimes - A good passing move from Arsenal results in a corner, after Nasri's cross is blocked. The Frenchman whips it in, and though it is cleared, he finds it back at his feet wide right after a good first time pass from Fabregas off the clearance. The cross though comes to nothing.

81 min: IBTimes - Spurs have a free-kick. Good combination play between Modric and Bale saw the Croatian released. As he was racing towards goal, Song comes in behind him. And it's a free kick in a dangerous position - around 35 yards away from slightly left. The free kick is whipped in but the wall blocks it, inside the box. Oh hold on. Fabregas in the box blocks it with his hand. And its a penalty for Spurs!!!

GOAL! 2-2!! Van der Vart off the penalty!

82 min: IBTimes - The penalty is well taken by Van der Vart. He calmly takes it to the left of goal, sending Fabianski the wrong way. And a classic unfolds.

84 min: IBTimes - While the goal was being celebrated, Wenger makes a substitution. Chamakh is brought off and Van Persie is brought on. Though he scored the goal, Chamakh did look sluggish, and some Arsenal fans might say its a good sub.

86 min: IBTimes - Arsenal has the ball in the net, but it's disallowed for offside. Arshavin scoops the ball in from a free-kick. But as it is headed on, Fabregas had drifted offside. By the time the Spaniard heads to Squillaci who puts it in the net, the assistant has the flag well up.

87 min: IBTimes - Spurs Substitution - Pavlyuchenko Off, Peter Crouch In.

90 min: IBTimes - Hutton wins Spurs a corner wide right. Van der Vart whips in, but it's headed out by Dutch counterpart Van Persie. 15 minutes remaining and anything can happen.

91 min: IBTimes - Arsenal double substitution - Nasri Out, Rosicky In. Arshavin Out, Walcott In.

92 min: IBTimes - Brillaint save from Gomes, diving left horizontally and getting out a one handed-save from Fabregas who from 20 yards out, had tried to curl in to the far post.

96 min: IBTimes - William Gallas seems to have a problem here. Whether stays on or off will be crucial factor in deciding this game. He has been brilliant so far.

98 min: IBTimes - Van der Vart looks around disbelievingly. A cross from Bale from the left was knocked down by Crouch to Van der Vart. But the ball just wouldnt sit for the Dutchman and it is cleared.

99 min: IBTimes - Squillaci gets a yellow for sliding late into Bale! He looks injured, grasping his shoulder.


101 min: IBTimes - The resulting free kick was whipped in brilliantly by Van der Vart, and the big man Kaboul gets a head to it. Fabianski could do nothing as it goes into the far corner. And you wouldn't believe the scene of joy at the Spurs end. Could it really be happening?

102 min: IBTimes - Spurs Substitution - Van der Vart Off, Palacios On.

104 min: IBTimes - Now Arsenal trying all they can. Walcott finds himself free inside the box, with the many numbers filling the box. But he decides to shoot. Wrong decision. It flies wide and Wenger has a disgusted look on his face.

105 min: IBTimes - 5 minutes stoppage time remaining. Enough time for Arsenal to grab something.

107 min: IBTimes - Bale wins Spurs a free kick wide left, near the corner flag. They decide to waste time, Ekotto doing the wasting. Eventually goes out for a goal kick.

108 min: IBTimes - Spurs now hoofing everything as far away as possible. 90 seconds left.

109 min: IBTimes - Rosicky has a go from 35 yards. Rifled in but well saved by Gomes.

110 min: IBTimes - FULL TIME - Arsenal 2-3 SPURS!

IBTimes: Wrap - What a game that was. A classic! Brilliant stuff! Spurs first away win against the 'big four' and who better to win it against, than Arsenal. When Arsenal went in at half time with a 2-0 lead, it wouldn't have crossed the most optimistic of minds that it would end this way. But so it did. Gareth Bale started things off for Spurs. Van der Vart, who had a hand in every goal, scored off the spot for the second, and Kaboul off all people heads in the winner in the last 5 minutes. They not only denied Arsenal the chance to lead the table, but also got themselves the bragging rights till the next derby. A classic was promised, and it was delivered. That's it from us at IBTimes. For the latest news and updates on everything sports, tune into our website - Also catch our coverage of the Fulham VS Manchester City game tomorrow. Till then, i'll leave you all to take in what just happened. Thank you all, and have a good day.

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