Arsene Wenger has said it would be a "dream job" to manage Manchester United.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's Man United just about went past League One side Rochdale in the League Cup's third round Wednesday. They won 5-3 on penalties after they were held 1-1 at full-time. 

From six Premier League games, Man United have won, lost and drawn two each, have so far collected as many as eight points and are placed eighth on the table. 

Wenger, who left Arsenal in 2018 after a glorious 22 years, has made a superb statement for himself in regards to the Man United coaching job. 

"Manchester United is a dream job for any manager. At least, any manager with courage and confidence," speaking to beIN Sports, Wenger said. 

The Frenchman went on to add that if four more first team players join Man United, the club can return to its winning ways. 

"Yes, they need -- in my opinion -- four first team players. But around those players, I see a squad that is capable of challenging. They aren't as far away as people think."

"The team has no pattern of play, no pattern of pressing. There is a team there, but it needs to be coached and developed. As I said, four players and they can be challengers. For everything," the Frenchman explained further. 

Although things didn't end on sweet terms at the North Club, it does not hamper anything. Wenger holds a heavy badge of experience. He has a legacy of 22 years, 10 major trophies and more than 800 Premier League matches at Arsenal. He has had some of the most legendary battles against Man United in the past, especially during the Sir Alex Ferguson era, that are discussed till date. 

Man United have been pondering over Solskjaer's future for a while now. When Wenger was asked if he would take up the challenging job at Old Trafford, the former Arsenal boss answered that in style. 

He said, "As I said, Manchester United is a dream job. For any coach. I have confidence, I have courage...and you're right, I have ideas."