The rumors that Ashley Judd might be considering a run for Senator of Kentucky, reportedly against Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R) in 2014, have thrilled many of her fans – but Judd apparently won’t be counting on the support of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

With Sen. Mitch McConnell up for re-election in 2014, political pundits like Chris Matthews have speculated that Judd, a Kentucky native with deep roots in the state, might seek to oust McConnell from his senate seat. McConnell has retained his seat since 1985 and has so far dismissed the rumors saying only that no Democrat candidate has yet announced an intention of running against him.

In November, the senior senator released a statement, diplomatically saying that he was not aware of Judd’s intention to run while praising her humanitarian efforts. "Sen. McConnell and his wife are big fans of Ashley Judd's movies and appreciate her energy, especially when it comes to bringing young people into the political process," McConnell’s campaign manager, Jesse Benton, told the Associated Press. The news agency reported that McConnell held his criticism only for those urging Judd to run.

But although McConnell doesn’t appear to be taking the rumors too seriously, it hasn’t stopped Rand Paul, the junior senator from Kentucky, from bashing Judd on the airwaves. In a Wednesday interview with WMAL, the Washington, D.C.-based radio station, the son of former GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul was asked to gauge Judd’s chances should she decide to run for the senate against him in 2016.

“There’s this word out there that actress Ashley Judd wants to run against Mitch McConnel, or people say, alternatively, that she’ll wait and run against you. Are you prepared for a candidacy against Ashley Judd,” the radio host asked Paul.

Paul chuckled before answering, “I heard she lives in Scotland. I thought she was running for parliament,” referring to Judd’s second home in Scotland, Rednock House, which the actress and her husband put up for sale in May. “I think she’d fit right in, in the English parliament,” he added.

“She’s way damn too liberal for our country, for our state,” he went on. “She hates our biggest industry, which is coal. So I say good lucking bringing the ‘I hate coal’ message to Kentucky.”

“Here’s the other thing, she’s got to get back and forth between Scotland and Kentucky to campaign and they don’t have the Concorde anymore,” Paul added, referring to the retired supersonic aircraft that previously flew from London’s Heathrow airport and JFK airport, in New York.

Listen to the audio clip below to hear Sen. Paul's full interview.