• Aubameyang wants a three-year deal to stay with Arsenal
  • Arsenal has yet to reveal its plans for Aubameyang
  • The Gabon captain knows he is nearing the twilight of his football career

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has reportedly laid out his contract terms and is waiting for Arsenal to respond.

Aubameyang may still have a live deal with Arsenal FC. The Gunners had been advised to put a lock on the Gabonese, aware that he could be lost next summer with the club potentially getting nothing in return. Negotiations have reportedly been done, but nothing had been agreed upon.

Previously, no numbers had come out into the open. Now, ESPN senior writer James Olley has learned from sources that the 31-year-old forward is seeking a minimum three-year term priced at roughly $312,000 a week. Compared to the deal of Mesut Ozil, (about $436,000 a week), this amount would be a whole lot less.

The Gabon national is fully aware that this deal could very well be the last big one he can get in his football career. He is already 31 and is looking for security.

In addition, Aubameyang has been showing the Gunners why he deserves a big deal. He drew attention recently in Arsenal's match against Norwich where he scored and became the fastest player to reach 50 Premier League goals in Arsenal history. That was a strong statement sent to Arsenal management, showing them why he deserves a massive deal.

If the Gunners are not willing, that game can also be viewed differently. It could be treated as an audition of sorts that he remains an explosive option for any team.

There are several teams interested in the Gabon captain, particularly Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus and Manchester United. In a previous report, it was mentioned that Juve has been inquiring about the availability of Aubameyang.

Arsenal have been over-reliant on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for goals
Arsenal have been over-reliant on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for goals AFP / DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS

Mikel Arteta previously said that Aubameyang was happy at Emirates Stadium, but he clarified that he has no part in contract negotiations. Though talks have been made, the COVID-19 pandemic got in the way and stalled the progress of any new deal.

Aubmeyang's father also wanted everything to be settled with all of them physically present for the contract signing.

Now, all eyes will be on Arsenal. Most are eager to see if the Gunners will make a counter-offer or give in to Aubameyang's demands. Though there is still a year left in his deal, Arsenal could try and lock down Aubameyang as early as now.