An Australian man was killed after he fell into a woodchipper while clearing branches from someone's property north of Brisbane. According to the police, the man was found with critical injuries on the property, north-east of Gympie, Sunday night. He was later identified as 54-year-old Bruce Saunders and was working with two friends when he was accidentally "pulled into the chipper."

"Unfortunately, one of those persons has gone into the machine and has been fatally injured," Maryborough Forensics Inspector Steve Webb said, according to 9 News.

The Daily mail reported Saunders become entangled while he was placing a tree in the shredder. It's believed two of the men were working further up the road when the man was killed. The three men had been using a hired woodchipper, with a 15-inch blade, for the third weekend in a row.

The circumstances under which the incident took place are now under investigation.

Acting Inspector Paul Algie said the man was working with two others to chip timber that was on the driveway of a friend's property, according to Australian publication

"It was a private arrangement — they were all friends who were assisting the person who owns the property — they weren't actually there as contractors," he said.

Saunders' friends had discovered him as he attempted to extract himself from the shredders, according to the Daily Mail.

Algie added police had spoken to both the friends.

"They're understandably extremely distressed over what's occurred," he said. "They're very traumatized as a result of what's happened and police are assisting them obviously in any way we can in terms of ongoing welfare needs."

Paramedics confirmed they reached the scene at about 8pm but were unable to revive the man.

The News-Mail reported Saunders’ family and acquaintances commented on its Facebook page Monday to pay their respects.

"It was very hard to wrap our heads around yesterday when we got the news about Uncle Bruce, it's a horrible incident," his niece Katrina Harrington said.

Saunders' sister Susanne said his death was "...just so hard to come to terms with."

"RIP Uncle," Scotty Schnabel wrote.

"So horrific, can't even begin to imagine what they are going though. RIP to the man who passed away, and prayers for the families," Jenny Frew posted on the Facebook page.

"Very traumatic and so very sad. Thoughts and prayers with everyone involved," another user, Angie Sleswick said.

Algie told "There's very clear guidelines in terms of the paperwork that comes with these machines and also I noticed on the trailer there's a number of warning stickers in relation to how the machine should be used."

"We just implore that people follow those instructions carefully, because obviously only a small mistake can obviously lead to a very, very horrible set of circumstances leading to someone passing away."