Terror struck Bangkok today in a series of explosions in the Thai capital that reportedly left five people including the suspected bomber seriously injured.

The reason behind the blasts is yet to be known, but local press reports suggest an Iranian link in the incident. According to the local press reports, a man with Iranian ID threw the first bomb at a taxi which refused to carry him.

The man threw the second bomb at the police who arrived on the scene but the bomb hit a tree and bounced back at him and then exploded. Both his legs blew off in the explosion.

According to police sources, another explosion happened at a house, which the bomber man had rented out with other people who are suspected to be Iranians.

Manik Sethisuwan who was dining in a restaurant in the busy commercial street where the blasts occurred wrote on his Facebook page, By dad's grace we're fine, he chose the table near the toilet. Survived bomb blast from 'Self-Suicidal' grenade tossing Iranian suspect. 10-meters from our desk. Lots of glass on pizza and spagetti. Severed human legs not far away. Thank God!.

Thai television channels have reported that the man now identified as Saeib Morabi was carrying a backpack with explosives in it and he is responsible for triggering the explosions.

The police are probing the blasts and refused to confirm any Iranian connections, but according to an MSNBC report, government spokeswoman Thitima Chaisaeng, referring to the initial police report, said that the man was thought to be Iranian.

The Bangkok blasts have come just a day after two bomb attacks targeted Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia.

Israel has blamed Iran for the New Delhi-Georgia blasts while Iran has out rightly rejected Israel's accusations. Iran instead accused Israel of staging the blasts with an intention to defame Iran.

Indian authorities who are probing the incident have not clarified on the possible role of Iranians in the New Delhi blasts.

The Bangkok blasts and the reported Iranian connection once again point to the role of Iranians in the incident but authorities have not confirmed the possibility of a connection between the Bangkok and New Delhi-Georgia blasts.