• A new hope has come out in favor of Barcelona keeping Messi
  • The two sides were to put the ink to paper, but La Liga's financial rules blocked it from happening
  • Fans have made far-fetched theories on how Messi stays with Barcelona

After a surprising announcement that rocked the global sporting scene, Lionel Messi and Barcelona are going their separate ways.

Ligue 1's Paris Saint-Germain us reportedly hot on the heels of a Messi signing as getting the Argentinian to join the club will all but assure them of a league title.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed to happen and it seems like Messi’s departure is going that route as well.

La Porteria recently tweeted out in Spanish that Barcelona is making “one last proposal” to Messi in the hopes that they keep the six-time Ballon d’Or winner.

Transfer guru Fabrizio Romano has already given an insider’s look at how the Messi-Barcelona catastrophe came to be.

Initially, Messi and the club have already had agreed to a new contract that would see him stay with the Blaugrana until 2026, with Romano mentioning that the announcement was set to happen last Thursday at 8:45 PM.

What happened next was basically that La Liga’s financial rules blocked the impending Messi-Barcelona deal, leading to Barcelona president Joan Laporta telling them that they could no longer fight it out and that they’ll have to let Messi go.

Now, PSG is practically rushing Messi to sign with them as dates are being discussed of when they’ll be announcing Messi’s arrival to the city of Paris, according to the same Romano piece.

However, this new development has led to many speculations as to how Barcelona will keep Messi thanks to the new La Liga financial rules.

The La Porteria tweet also mentions that club CEO Ferran Reverter is in direct contact with Messi on this supposed new deal.

Many have speculated how this new deal will work out as Barcelona is already at 90% of their wage bill.

Theories from fans range have reached conspiracy theory levels like Manchester City buying Griezmann then Miralem Pjanic going back to Juventus in order to free up space for Messi to stay in Barcelona--and even jokingly suggesting that Barcelona signs the Argentinian to Team B and then promote him.

However, that isn’t as impossible as many people would think since Griezmann is a perfect fit for Manchester City if they decide to finally give up on their pursuit of Harry Kane.

All of this sounds like a weird mix of Barcelona breaking PSG fans’ hearts, but when it comes to a player of Messi’s once-in-a-generation talent, one has to pull out all of the stops.