• Barcelona is asking more money from Getafe for the exit of on-loan defender Marc Cucurella
  • Getafe wants to keep Cucurella after an impressive season
  • Cucurella has recorded his best numbers this season

Barcelona is reportedly demanding more money than the agreed price of its on-loan star.

After being loaned by Barcelona last year, Spanish defender Marc Cucurella seemed to have impressed his loaning club, Getafe.

The 21-year-old went on loan to Getafe after a spell at Eibar, and to everybody’s surprise, he managed to record his best numbers in LaLiga this season. Following a remarkable stint with Getafe, Cucurella saw himself having a spot at the club’s XI.

Barca’s loan deal for Cucurella states that Getafe exercised the €6 million ($6.7 million) option to buy for the defender. Both clubs have also agreed to a “40% sell-on fee” of Cucurella's future sale to another team.

However, things took a huge turn after Barcelona sensed the strong interest from Getafe to buy Cucurella. According to Mundo Deportivo (via, the Catalan club is now looking to cash in and is reportedly asking Getafe to increase the agreed 40% of Cucurella’s future sale.

The report further stated that Barcelona demanded Getafe to agree to a significant increase of the percentage. The reported amount is said to be a fixed number, and Cucurella could finally cut his ties with Barca for €18 million ($20.2 million). This leaves Barcelona earning around €13.2 million ($14.8 million) in total from Cucurella’s exit.

Sources claimed that after an impressive showing at Getafe, Cucurella has captured the attention of big clubs across Europe. Napoli, Inter Milan and Roma were some of the clubs mentioned to be taking a close look at the defender’s progress.

As for Barcelona, there were previous speculations that Cucurella could possibly find a place in the first team. However, it was followed up by a report which denies that something like that could happen.

Prior to the new demand from Barcelona, it has been said that, at least at the moment, the Catalans have ruled-out the idea of bringing Cucurella back. Sources claimed that Barca would rather have Getafe keeping Cucurella as it is much better than having the defender inserted in the first team.

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This season, Cucurella has played a total of 37 matches and started in 33 of them. He has managed to score one goal and complete five assists. So far, these have been his best numbers, especially in terms of setting up goals.

Cucurella has worked his way to become a permanent Eibar player until Barcelona triggered his buy-back clause in July 2019. He was then loaned to Getafe two days before the incoming season.