• Barcelona is expected to improve under the tutelage of new manager Xavi Hernandez
  • Xavi is reportedly already working on remolding the club in all aspects of the sport
  • The Barca boss is very particular with what he wants from his players

New Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez is wasting no time and has already begun working on revamping the squad.

Major improvement is expected to happen at Camp Nou with the arrival of Xavi.

The Barca all-time great has yet to prove himself in an actual game but is now ready to impose “10” new rules under his management, Spanish outlet AS reported.

According to the report, the rules listed below are effective immediately. International Business Times could not independently verify this information.

All players should arrive 90 minutes before the training begins

Barcelona’s team practices usually start at 11 am, and Xavi has requested that all players must be in the facility on or before 9:30 am.

Barcelona staff should arrive two hours before training starts

For obvious reasons, Xavi is demanding the team staff arrive earlier than the players during training sessions.

All players must eat at the club’s training ground

To prevent injuries and improve the players’ physical condition, Xavi orders every member of Barcelona’s senior squad to eat at the Ciutat Esportiva’s dining room.

Moreover, players no longer have the liberty to decide where and what to eat while in the vicinity.

The club’s nutritionists will be watching over the entire team in the process.

Fines are back and will be doubled for repeated violation

To maintain the level of professionalism in his team, Xavi ordered to bring back the player fines for any minor, serious, or very serious misdemeanors.

Hence, such fines will be “doubled” when the same violation is committed.

All Players must be home before midnight two days before a match

In his attempt to bring out the best from his players, Xavi strictly orders all players to not stay up late and be home 48 hours before a scheduled game.

All players should give it all they got in training

Xavi will squeeze out everything from his players in every training session regardless of what is at stake in the competition.

Players’ activities outside the pitch will be monitored

Though it is a bit over-boarding to some, Xavi will not allow his players to go on lengthy vacation without his permission.

Activities considered “risky” will not be tolerated

Barcelona players are no longer encouraged to participate in “risky” activities such as “ surfing or riding an electric bike.”

Maintain a good image

Under Xavi, “reprehensible attitudes are prohibited” and players will have to do their best in maintaining a good relationship with the fans.

Newly-appointed Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez (right) alongside club president Joan Laporta at Camp Nou on Monday.
Newly-appointed Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez (right) alongside club president Joan Laporta at Camp Nou on Monday. AFP / LLUIS GENE