It's prediction time. The much-awaited Champions League final between Barcelona and Manchester United is just a week away and Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes his Old rival, Sir Alex Ferguson, can exploit Barcelona's exhaustion and claim Europe's most coveted trophy for Man United.

Wenger went on to insist that the Scot was the only choice for manager of the year after winning the Premier League and leading his team to a third Champions League final in just four seasons. He also said that United wouldn't have a better opportunity to beat Barcelona considering United's physical superiority over an exhausted Barca side who were on their knees in recent weeks.

I believe against Barcelona, on what I have seen in the last three weeks, there will never be a better moment maybe to win it against them, said Wenger. They look quite exhausted and Manchester United look quite sharp physically in the last three or four games. For me it takes three weeks to recover physically, I'm not sure Barcelona will have had enough time. They looked on their knees so I would give United a good chance.

It will be an advantage playing at Wembley. But you know Barcelona will have the ball for 70% of the time and United will have to be very efficient in the 30% of the time they will have the ball, no matter what kind of tactics they decide. I have an instinctive feeling United will change completely their style against them this time and go for a rougher midfield, a more direct display than they did in Rome.

That can mean playing (Javier) Hernandez still, but using him as a runner to go very direct. I don't know what they will decide, but that is basically the only uncertainty you have. You know how Barcelona will play. You don't know yet how United will play. But Ferguson is my manager of the season. They are in the Champions League final, they have won the championship. It can only be Ferguson.