The Bay Thanks for Post-riot Cleanup Volunteers
The Bay Thanks for Post-riot Cleanup Volunteers IBTimes

On Saturday, three days after being targeted by rioters and looters, the Bay offered
its appreciation with a pancake breakfast in downtown Vancouver.

Store Director Dana Hall said it's their way of saying thank you to heroes who
stood in front of windows and countless volunteers who helped clean up the next
day . Good Samaritans are still returning stolen items found on the street to the
store. This is a thank you from the bottom of our hearts, my associates, myself, to

Hundreds of people gathered to eat pancakes, sing, dance and write on the boarded-
up storefront of The Bay. The message boards Hall said will come down on Monday
and be donated to the city archives.

Premier Christy Clark said, We still will and can have large events in Downtown
Vancouver and we cannot let people like this stop us from celebrating our great