Didier Reynders
Belgium Foreign Minister Didier Reynders speaks to journalists as he arrives for an informal meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Ministers in Milan Aug. 29, 2014. Reuters/Alessandro Garofalo

Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders was criticized for coloring his face black during a charity rally in Brussels, Reuters reported Thursday. His actions reportedly gave rise to questions about the country's lack of a national anti-racism plan.

Reynders reportedly joined Les Noirauds (the Blacks), an organization founded in 1876, which raises money for children's charities, for a march last Saturday. The 56-year-old was pictured with a blackened face and a white top hat. Participants reportedly dressed up in clothes symbolic of nineteenth century African noblemen. Reynders also posted the pictures on Twitter and his blog.

Reynders' actions were reportedly condemned by human rights activists. Wouter Van Bellingen, the director of Minority Forum, said on Twitter that the country did not have a national anti-racism plan even after committing in 2001 at a United Nations conference in South Africa that it would devise one.

"In other civilized countries his political career wouldn't survive this, but in Belgium he just continues," Nigerian-born author Chika Unigwe said, according to Reuters.

Peter Bouckaert of Human Rights Watch tweeted: "Belgium FM @Dreynders I have question: will u wear #blackface outfit 2 next meeting with African leaders? Shame on you!.”

On Thursday, several social media users took to Twitter to condemn the foreign minister’s actions.